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The First Note: Chapter One
    The last of the thrumming beats echo out into the stadium hall to which is answered heartily by our human fans. The screaming and cheering goes on for at least another 5 minutes by the way I could tell, but for all I know, we could have been standing there for centuries, listening to them. If there was ever a moment that we could have summoned an army of adsolents to our bidding, now was that time.
    Melody's smiling more than I've ever seen, a red flush shining on her clear skin and life shining bright in her eyes. The red and white lights illuminating us sparkle off our chains and peircings. The crowd rumbles below us like a sea of heaving bodies. I can feel my bandmates's  presences and their rush of pride. I can practically feel their hearts thumping through the floor.
    I peer through the crowd, looking for that boy, the one with the cast on his leg, the one that was in such a hurry to leave the concert. I can't spot him, b
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Untitled Drawing by thunder-13 Untitled Drawing :iconthunder-13:thunder-13 3 2
Just Fly
I think that maybe, hopefully,
most of our lives
we are falling
and for a brief few moments
we land
when we find
something to live for,
and landing feels so different,
It feels like floating.
And landing becomes
a dream,
a passion,
because we all land
We search all our lives
To land again,
And most of us
never land.
Only the wise
Learn to fly
And only the blessed
are eternally happy
because they caught their dream
and they soared with it.
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Universe of You
    Do you even remember what we used to be? The galaxies we had ran from, for fear that we wouldn't be the same. The cosmoses we hid from to keep us the same. The stupid illusions that all would be okay if we stayed apart from the real world and live our lives in denial together?
    Only the sun saved me from endless exclusion, only an unstable ball of gas held together by who knows what. That universe of yours was killing me, stifling me like that black, airless void out there that no one really knows about. Only I was there to keep you company in your kingdom of emptiness.
    The sun broke through your gravity and dragged me from that dying place of eternal night. It's intensity was something that you couldn't seem to muster, you being a dying star, torn apart by your own faults and lack of energy. You seemed broken and used even before I came to your secluded neighborhood.
    After I left, I could see aga
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   It was a rough kind of town, but he was a rough kind of man. Each knew the other was dangerous, the only difference was that the man wasn't afraid to die.
   The shifty characters traversing the filthy road kept far to the other side of the way. They knew a soldier, a warrior, when they saw one. They also knew the shape of guns and knives poking shapes in his clothes. But he didn't need weapons to look intimidating. He knew what fear looked like well. He had seen it in everyone's eyes.
                                                                           Except that one girl.
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Another Side
   I'm standing right here, arms open, wanting you to just take your shot and leave. Go on, you always play with my insecurities, anyway, what harm will a few other jabs my way have? Everytime I see you, you get this urge to torture me. After a while of it, I didn't care. You would say anything to make me squirm. Anything that I can tie directly back to your own self. Just look down, why don't you? You are practically insulting yourself.
   I'm listening. Come on, you know you can't throw anymore at me anyway. You've used all your cards and isolated yourself and me in this private world where you can rip into me all you want and no one sees. No one cares. Your reputaion has already been tarnished, by who now? Oh, it wasn't me, was it? That's right, you did it all yourself.
   Now you have people waiting. This is their favorite show, you know. You can't just air the reruns. Everyone knows what will happen soon, and then they can talk abo
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   When your room
   Feels like a tomb
   And every breath
   Feels like your death
   When a scream
   Feels like a dream
  Just run away
   Into the grey
   And give a shout
   To have no doubt
   Because when the chance
   Will come to dance
                                 Why would you wait?
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I've seen the sky turn black.
I've seen a grown man cry.
I've seen my fate change.
I've felt the winds of time.
I've danced in the dark.
Where no one would care.
The thing I haven't seen?
Someone ask themselves if they would dare.
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The Edge
   When people are sad enough to commit suicide, I want you to ask them one question. One question is all it will take to know how serious they are. They might lie to hide the truth or won't admit the truth to themselves. But it will stop them and make them think. Even the most hopeless person in the world will want to go back a the last moment, and sometimes it's too late. Give them that chance.
   Do you really think that we could live without you here?
   Those people who are quiet in class; why don't you go talk to them? It might be the thing they need. Who knows what you could stop.
   Are you okay?
   If everyone just let themselves care a little bit more everywhere, and people didn't get left out and didn't die inside, the world would be very much improved. Crime would decrease, shootings would decrease, depression would decrease, suicide would decrease. If you could give someone an extra chance like that
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    If I could only stand here forever with you
       On this pedestal to the stars
         And to look down at night
            At all those shiny cars
   If I could lift you
      Away from this place
         And rise up to heaven
            Straight up through space
   Would you then look
      To see all there is
         And look at other lives
            Not just limited to his?
:iconthunder-13:thunder-13 1 0
   The pounding music, deep and heavy, drives thought and concept away, leaving only it's followers left to be enchanted. The dancing heats up with the tune as it begins to really get going. Bodies rock, sway, and jump in unison as the music erases the civilized thoughts from their heads, leaving only the beastly, primal parts of their concious minds. They forget the presences of the others and only please themselves at this point.
   I smirk at the foolishness. Humans, I think as I gaze at the wild faces in the crowd, safe on the stage with my bandmates. Run on pure stupidity and caffine in this modern age. Their past pride and fairness has been extinguished like a candle flame. But that one man, near the back, the one just staring, why does he not join the creatures? I peer closer at the youth, and finally see the dark cast on his leg. Oh. He is injured. If he can't join, why did he come?
:iconthunder-13:thunder-13 3 8
The Stapler by thunder-13 The Stapler :iconthunder-13:thunder-13 3 14
The Whistle Of The Wind
     Have you ever seen a person with a style of their own? Hair-dyed, make-uped, and original? Lots of people don't have positive comments for these people. They say 'that's different' or 'wow, look at that. You don't see that everyday'.
   That's the kind of person to strive to be. They really, honestly don't care what others think as long as they please themselves and they're happy. Those people are beautiful and brave to me. The person who thinks they are braver than that is dillusional. Being yourself when the world is doing nothing but saying to conform is daring.
   My family is a group of people who aren't very accepting. I am ashamed to go out and have to see the innocent people who look different and then have to listen to my family whisper. They didn't do anything to you, why would you judge without any grounds!?!! Now I dress in bright colors and skinny jeans, some of the things that dooms you to the
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Thug Life! by thunder-13 Thug Life! :iconthunder-13:thunder-13 3 34
   Breath in... now think. Without someone else, you wouldn't be there to take that breath. Your parents to give birth to you, feed you, house you, and love you. If they hadn't loved you, they would have abandoned you. Where would you be without them?
   Blink your think. You are lucky to do that. About 21,000 kids died yesterday, and about 21,000 more will die today. Poverty, disease, and hunger. Think about what year it is. 2013. We should be able to stop so many children from dying by now. This world is a nightmare.
   More soldiers die from suicide than from combat in modern years. They've seen things, they've watched friends die, and they've seen the lights leave the eyes. Salute them. It might mean more to them that you honor them in the way they do to their superiors.
   You and everyone is put on the earth with a purpose. What is your purpose? It's okay to not know, but ask yourself every day until you do kn
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If Only...
     If you could only see my:
  you would understand.
(Choose any that apply)
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.: Garden Head by Picolo-kun .: Garden Head :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 5,267 161 .: Colorful Silence by Picolo-kun .: Colorful Silence :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,035 193 The Witch's Son by Auroaronkitten The Witch's Son :iconauroaronkitten:Auroaronkitten 24,811 1,221
Gamzee x Killer!Troll!Reader
It was night, the path you walk was illuminated by the light of the stars. Looking to your hands you saw a bright yellow color, grinning madly you remembered what had happened. They told you that everyone was doomed, so you killed them. You felt their warm blood, crushed their bones. Left a bloody mass of green purple, green, blue, and yellow and some of your own blood was left behind. Made their end come sooner, but it was all for good... right? No, you be lying to your self if you said you didn't love the sounds of their screams. The feel of their warm blood on your hands. Then as you moved your gaze from your hand you seen (blood color) along you right arm. A green blood had given you a nice wound, however you soon showed him.
A haunting laugh left your lips and you started to move forward once again. Your name was (First Name) (Last Name), you are a (blood color) troll. Your also a cold blooded killer, but there's more to then meets the eye. Silently you kept moving and soon came t
:iconpsychostar1993:PsychoStar1993 132 96
One more Christmas wish.
She stood in line, twisting her short hair.
Every now and then she would glance down and the scars on her wrist and arm.
She would quickly cover them up.
   She was waiting in a very long line, to see Santa.
Not so much a little girl anymore, but she had one more wish.
Slowly the line would move and the giggles from the young children around her made her feel like she could smile once more, guilt free. Parents looked at her with almost hateful glances. Why would a young adult, wearing converse skinny jeans and a lighter leash be in line for Saint Nick? What on earth is this girl thinking?
         Be still she waiting on.
Not so much a little girl anymore, but she had one more wish.
She was next.
She rubbed her teeth with her jacket sleeve trying to get the smell of Menthol Mavericks off her breath, but all too soon she was sitting on his knee.
His white beard flowing and nearly sparkling in the lights, his bright eyes shining with laughter and love,
:iconlost-in-thyme:Lost-in-thyme 5 3
rusty autumn by isischneider rusty autumn :iconisischneider:isischneider 103 25 I May Be Bad... by LieutenantDeath I May Be Bad... :iconlieutenantdeath:LieutenantDeath 178 33 i by mirabillisfuture i :iconmirabillisfuture:mirabillisfuture 39 1 whrLUm22PtI by mirabillisfuture whrLUm22PtI :iconmirabillisfuture:mirabillisfuture 80 4 Jack Skellington - Pencil Sketch by VVernacatola Jack Skellington - Pencil Sketch :iconvvernacatola:VVernacatola 553 50 Autumn morning by Aphantopus Autumn morning :iconaphantopus:Aphantopus 475 42 Miniature Girl by Tan-staR Miniature Girl :icontan-star:Tan-staR 85 16
You Will
Catholic school can really fuck you up.
Petty insults; 
 “you have ugly hair”
  “got milk?”
Breasts at the age of nine.
Bullying makes you someone you don’t want to become;
hide all that blackness in your heart
with overly cheerful hyperactive personalities
 (that make others think you’re a little strange),
quickly forgotten.
Friends can’t tell when you just want to
 and cry
  and be alone
because of how deep you’ve dug yourself in.
Afraid of yourself, you think and think, and THINK,
until you are terrified you’re going to give in
to those dark thoughts -
  (and if you do, then you’re just numb afterwards. 
Staring at hands blankly).
Faith in everything, the world, God, 
 people around you,
all you can see is horror.
You hide it, fake it, pretend to be okay.
Why would anyone care to listen?
Just one person of billions
with worse problems than you th
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 98 70
Fishing Up My Dream by YanasPrecursor Fishing Up My Dream :iconyanasprecursor:YanasPrecursor 3,706 298 Tomb Raider: Sam 001 by chinasaur Tomb Raider: Sam 001 :iconchinasaur:chinasaur 160 9 How to Defeat Monsters by kajoi How to Defeat Monsters :iconkajoi:kajoi 185 26



Oh god the commercials! XD.
Favorite so far: Babylandia.
check it out. It's pretty great.


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